iOS Device Statistics V2

Here are the iOS device statistics for 3 of my games. I've included both the device info and firmware versions (AKA the iOS version). WarGames: WOPR has both 3 months and 1 month of data, the others just have 1 month. The 3 months of data are from 05/15/2013 to 08/15/2013 and the 1 month data is fromĀ 07/15/2013 to 08/15/2013. All this data was gathered [...]

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Be-Rad Music

You can now listen to some of the Be-Rad music tracks on SoundCloud and BandCamp. The BandCamp link currently only has the WarGames: WOPR tracks and they're available to download if you pay at least $2. The SoundCloud page has the WarGames music, the Lame Castle theme, and a couple tracks I made a looooong time ago for a prototype and tetris clone that I [...]

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Proximity Mines in AnonA

I recently added proximity mines to AnonA. Check out the dev video here: Proximity mines are used to defend you and your base from any threats you might come across on distant worlds. It's possible to deploy a mine in any direction by swiping across the button in the lower left corner of the screen. El Button Alternatively, you can tap the button [...]

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Indie Games Are Dead (April Fools)

Edit: (This was an April fools joke) It's true, Indie Games Are Dead. I had the unfortunate experience of hearing about it firsthand and decided to share it with you. I'm hoping things will change and indie games will be reborn, but for now we'll have to continue living with the fondest of gaming memories. RIP, indie games. Even Indie Statik is shutting down. What [...]

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Voxelizing A Mesh In Unity

Voxelizing a mesh in Unity was quite a bit easier than anticipated. After doing a quick search I found this article by David Rosen of Wolfire. He details the method for creating a voxelized grid, checking each part of the grid to see if it intersects part of the mesh, and adding a voxel for each intersection. There was no code accompanying his article, but [...]

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Inspiration To Create

Often times I'm struck with the mind boggling power of inspiration. The inspiration to create something tremendous that will shake the world up and have people talking for years. The problem is, it's often at night before I go to bed. In the morning the motivation is gone and I'm left dealing with all the other routine crap (like e-mails, bills, and inquiries from annoying [...]

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