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Demon's Mirror is a roguelike deckbuilder with a unique chain-3 battle system. Use powerful cards and create massive chains to attack and defend against the enemy. Gain ever increasing powers as you traverse through a world filled with your worst nightmares. Like other deckbuilders, you battle enemies by playing cards to attack, defend, and gain powers, but in Demon's mirror you also battle opponents by chaining tiles. Chainging tiles will deal damage to an enemy, shield you, or give you resources. Play cards to destroy tiles or manipulate the board in other ways that will allow you to create longer and stronger chains. Mastering how to chain tiles strategically is what will ultimately determine your fate.


Demon's Mirror is currently in development by Be-Rad Entertainment. The game was announced during the Guerilla Collective's streaming event during E3 2021. The first gameplay trailer was released on Nov 13th, 2021 as part of The MIX Next 2021. Demon's Mirror was selected as a PAX Rising winner at PAX East 2022.


  • The game has roguelike elements so no playthrough is ever the same
  • Encounter challenging enemies that have distinctive move sets. They will make you think about how to defeat them instead of mindlessly playing cards and chaining tiles until you win or lose
  • Fill your deck with the perfect set of cards to both directly battle your opponent and to manipulate the game board
  • Chain tiles to attack, defend, gain willpower (the purple gems) and essence (the green tiles). Collecting enough willpower triggers an event where you are presented with a choice between three options. The options range from dealing a huge chunk of damage, gaining one of several different buffs, and more. Essence is automatically spent when playing certain cards to make them more powerful
  • AFind or purchase one-time use scrolls from the shopkeeper. Scrolls have a wide range of uses such as instantly gaining more action points, a strength buff, or making your next "tile chain" free
  • Discover powerful artifacts that will give you exciting new powers and potentially change your strategy for that run
  • Encounter random events where you'll make interesting choices, meet strange creatures, and uncover secrets about the world


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Reveal Trailer YouTube


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Demons Mirror Cover 1b with logo v3 1920x1080.png
Demon's Mirror - event - gargoyles No UI 3-29-22.png
Demon's Mirror - shop 3-29-22.png
Demon's Mirror - cave - boss shell 3-29-22.png
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Demon's Mirror - shop No UI 3-29-22.png
Demon's Mirror - cave - boss hit 3-29-22.png
Demon's Mirror - cave - brains attack chain 3-29-22.png
Demon's Mirror - forest - gargoyle + healer attack chain 3-31-22.png
Demon's Mirror - mapB No UI 3-29-22.png

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Chosen as a PAX Rising winner" Boston, PAX East, April, 2022

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About Be-Rad Entertainment

Be-Rad Entertainment makes indie games. The studio has been around since 2010, but took a break between 2015-2020 to work on other projects. However, Be-Rad Entertainment is back to making indie games! Currently in development is Demon's Mirror, a fresh take on the roguelike deck building genre. Notable past releases include Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, WarGames: WOPR, and Lame Castle.

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Demon's Mirror Credits

Brad Johnson
Engineering, Design, Animation

Frederic Tarabout

Wilmer Sound

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks