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Sometime in 2022



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You've stumbled into a world filled with your worst nightmares. You've been here before, possibly thousands of times, and the journey ahead of you is going to take everything you have. Only you can bring balance to the chaos. Demon's Mirror presents a fresh take on roguelike deck building by giving you an additional board of tiles to strategically chain together to sway the battle in your favor


Demon's Mirror is currently in development by Be-Rad Entertainment. The game was announced during the Guerilla Collective's streaming event during E3 2021


  • A fresh take on the roguelike deck building genre. No playthrough is ever the same
  • Chain tiles to attack, defend, gain money, and power
  • Multiple different playable characters with unique cards and play styles
  • Discover powerful artifacts that will give you exciting new powers
  • An enormously rich audio experience crafted by the folks over at Wilmer Sound


Reveal Trailer YouTube


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About Be-Rad Entertainment

Be-Rad Entertainment makes indie games. The studio has been around since 2010, but took a break between 2015-2020 to work on other projects. However, Be-Rad Entertainment is back to making indie games! Currently in development is Demon's Mirror, a fresh take on the roguelike deck building genre. Notable past releases include Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, WarGames: WOPR, and Lame Castle.

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Demon's Mirror Credits

Brad Johnson
Engineering, Design, Animation

Frederic Tarabout

Wilmer Sound

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks