Quickly Copy Objects In Photoshop

This is a short tutorial showing how to quickly copy objects in photoshop. As an example I'm going to copy a tree several times. Let's get to it. we want to copy this tree Steps to quickly copy objects in photoshop: 1. Open your file in photoshop. 2. Select the layer containing the image or part of the image you want to copy. (I want to copy the tree so [...]

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Happiness – 2014 Looks Rosy

As I was walking to the cafe today I walked by a guy with scabs all over his face who was blankly staring off into the void. He's obviously wasting away on some nasty substance. A lady was trying to give him a few dollars but he didn't even acknowledge her. I'm so thankful I'm not that guy. If there was a big red button [...]

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How To Tile An Image In Photoshop

This is a quick tutorial designed to teach you how to tile an image in photoshop. Before learning this easy method I would cut/paste a piece of my image until it filled the screen. That was such a waste of time. After you learn this trick it'll literally take you 16 seconds to tile an image in the future. You want to turn this: into this: [...]

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Easily Align Objects in Photoshop

I'm writing this tutorial on how to easily align objects in Photoshop for my roommate, Bill Gahr (The BillGahrian) I'm artistically challenged so I don't spend my whole workday in Photoshop or Maya. However, I do spend enough time using these programs that a few tips and tricks really help speed things along. This is important because the less time lost to making programmer art [...]

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