F.A.Q (We’ll be adding more when we get more questions)

The game won’t download to my Android Device:

This could be due to several different reasons. It could be an issue with your phone’s cache, your connection to the internet, a problem with Google authenticating your login or not enough room to download the files.

Possible solutions:

  • Try clearing your phone’s cache by¬†heading to “Settings->Apps->Google Play Store->Clear Data/Cache”
    • You can¬†also try clearing the Google Play Services cache “Settings->Apps->Google Play Services->Clear Data/Cache”
  • Make sure there’s enough room on your phone to download the files. Check available space by looking in “Setting/storage”
  • Try restarting your phone
  • It could also be a problem with your firewall or being on public WiFi. Make sure you’re using a secure connection to download the files