UPDATE: This game’s development has been put on hold. I spent too much time trying to find the fun with this design and it just wasn’t clicking. I felt like it was better to spend my time working on something I know will have more impact.

Control a colony-printing rover. Explore planetoids, collect resources, print buildings.

AnonA’s concept came from a game I made during a game jam hosted at NASA. For over a month I had been working on a prototype where you move and shoot enemies on a sphere. It was fun but didn’t have much pizzazz or backstory to it. Before the game jam I listened to a few talks given by NASA engineers and they inspired me to come up with the concept for AnonA using the spherical movement tech from the prototype.

This game will have you exploring planets, moons, and distant corners of the galaxy.┬áThere is so much we don’t know about space the possibilities for what’s out there are endless. I hope AnonA will inspire people to create technology that will let us better explore this little universe we live in.

More details soon…


Click HERE for the 2400×1600 version