UPDATE: This game’s development has been put on hold. I spent too much time trying to find the fun with this design and it just wasn’t clicking. I felt like it was better to spend my time working on something I know will have more impact.

A Spire To The Gods is a tile-based dungeon crawler with Minesweeper elements.

A Spire To The Gods

(Think Diablo meets Minesweeper)

Set in a fantasy world with a dab of H.P. Lovecraft mythology.
Click on tiles to reveal treasure or trouble, all while trying to reach your goal with a limited number of moves.

Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Eye Candy:

A Spire To The Gods gif_01

A Spire To The Gods - Tile Reveals - gif_02

A Spire To The Gods - Dungeon

Inside A Dungeon

A Spire To The Gods - Level Select

Level Select

A Spire To The Gods - Town


Check out this super early in-development screenshot from a looong time ago, ewww:


3 days vs 6 days dev time