WarGames WOPR Reviews & Coverage

WarGames: WOPR came out in June of last year and managed to get some great reviews and coverage. It's been featured in the Google Play store as well as Apple's App Store. Metacritic made a list of the top reviewed games of 2012 and WarGames was #19 for iOS. This is pretty rad, too bad it wasn't the 19th highest grossing game! We still have some [...]

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PAX East 2011 Coverage

It took me a while, but I think I've finally recovered from the mayhem of PAX. Devolver had a pretty cool setup for us to show our games off. Double D was on a giant screen so everyone walking by could see it. Kamikaze Attack had 2 big TVs set up so several people could play the game at once. Everything worked out really well [...]

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