Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Lame Castle

Throw on a helmet, hop on your wooden horse, and go download Lame Castle on your Android device to help save the princess. Lame Castle is today's featured free app of the day on Amazon's App store. You really have nothing to lose, except lots of time kicking chickens. Amazon Store Link Mobile Link

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Be My Valentine

Lame Castle: Be My Valentine has been released into the app store. It's Lame Castle with thousands of hearts and a couple new additions: 2 new lame castles to destroy, a scarecrow, and an exploding hut. Call me crazy, but I'm purposefully not sending out press releases or anything because I want to see how many downloads the game gets with little to no press. [...]

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Holiday Trailer

Were you one of the people waiting for a Lame Castle trailer?  Well wait no longer because the first official trailer is here, and it just so happens to be holiday themed.  It's my first time editing a real video so I spent all day yesterday learning the whole process.  I think it turned out pretty decently.  You might either think it's pretty good or [...]

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