Shiny things are great.  So are starfish.  But you know what’s better than anything you’ve ever heard of before?  The Hazel Chronicles. 

The Hazel Chronicles is a 2d side-scrolling platformer this really well established development house is working on.  The budget is well over a million clams.  Those are clams as in dollars.  Not pesos or the ever increasing euro.  Actually we’ve already lied to you.  That’s not a good way to build positive report.  Be-Rad Entertainment has never released a game and they certainly aren’t well established.  They don’t even have a full set of screws and they’ve definitely lost a few marbles along the way.  Heck it’s really only one dude and an artist, but we’re determined to bring you only the finest video gaming the Internets [sic] have to offer.

Check out the games page for some screenshots and more info.

…Well, until content’s actually added to the games page you should check back here periodically to catch all the updates on the development of The Hazel Chronicles.  We are definitely NOT going to release a piece of poop game so you can rest assured this electronic experience is going to be great.  Toodaloo.

I made a “The Hazel Chronicles” blog category so if all you care about is Hazel then just keep refreshing that beautiful “The Hazel Chronicles” category page to get up to the quarter-minute news.  How many times can one person say “The Hazel Chronicles?”  That’s a hypothetical question similar to the likes of, “Just how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?