Do you like platformers?  Do you like final fantasy?  Do you like leveling up via grinding?  Then Final Vision is your game.

After a couple minutes of tinkering with strange controls (They turn out to be handy once you get used to them) you choose your character’s class.  There are four types, and one non-type.  Here they are (taken from the game’s readme file):

     Fighter  – Uses Swords and Armour. Abilities are White Magic. Good for beginners.
     Red Mage – Uses Rods and Robes. Abilities are Black and White Magic. For those that love Magic.
     Summoner – Uses Rods and Robes. Abilities are Call. Summon beasts to attack.
     Dragoon  – Uses Spears and Armour. Can jump high and attack in the air. Good for beginners.
     None     – Uses Swords and Armour. No abilities. For those that like to be naked.

This game gives you several options for how you want to play given the different classes, magic, weapons and armor.  If you would like to grind to the highest level fighting one of the first creatures (bugbears) you can go right ahead and do that.  There are plenty of towns so you don’t have to travel far to refill your health, buy new equipment, or save the game.

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The developers, SilverNova, have done a great job.  It’s not without flaws, but it’s definitely worth spending some time with.  Final Vision earns 4/5 cheggitouts.

Game: Final Vision
Developer: alspal
Website: Go here (Freeware)