underside2.JPG (click that colorful square to enlarge)

The Underside is a platform-adventure game claiming to be similar to the likes of Metroid, Castlevania and/or Cave Story.  It’s free roaming, but its gameplay will be a bit more story driven than said games.

The demo is pretty short, but the small amount of story in it is awesome juiciness.

Here is how it starts:

“In the beginning, the World was flat, and it was pure, and it was good.  From atop his Almighty Throne, The Universal King looked upon the plain, white landscape.
He grabbed his Almighty Paintbrush and with one mighty swing of his arm…
stroked layers of Life onto the expansive canvas…”
And there’s more on the game’s website.  Click the link below.

Go to the Insignificant Games homepage to read more and download the demo:
Click here.