The Hazel art directory of is filling up.  I sent one of the last art requests away and will only-probably-hopefully have 1 more medium sized request.  So all I really need are more scrolling background objects and particle effects.  There will most likely be a few more items that’ll pop up but for the most part I’m ready to actually start making some levels.

See, I haven’t started making any levels yet because I wanted my engine and art assets to be mostly complete.  This doesn’t seem possible in the AAA gaming world.  Things go much smoother when your game engine and its tools are in tip top shape and don’t break every other day.

I’ll be hitting up the independent games festival at the game developers conference next week so some more screenshots and possibly a movie of The Hazel Chronicles will be put up soon.  It would be nice to have something to show people when they ask what I do.

Carry on my wayward son.