A short while ago we partook in the Wild Pockets bay area game jam.  It’s a 24 hour competition where you get a team of up to 5 people and make a game as fast as possible.  Our team was able to make 2 games which worked out quite well since we were able to share assets and scripts, effectively letting us work at a faster pace.

Our entries:

Eternal Velocity

Destroy The Core

The 24 hours was quite grueling, but all the teams appeared to make it to the end.  And they all made some damn impressive games.  My favorite part of the event was watching everyone present their games at the end.  Most everyone seemed to be really really tired, but in good spirits.

We ended working the entire 24 hours this year, but it paid off since we somehow managed to take first and second place with our two games.

Will we do it again next year?  Hopefully we’ll just be judges…