Just browsing the calendar I noticed it’s only been 7 weeks to the day since I started work on this game. It’s been a crazy-n-cool week and I’m now just a “haystack” away from submitting to the app store.

I won’t say anything about what the game is until it’s announced via another website. That should be within a couple days though.

As for the crazy part of the week I had paid for Unity3d’s Android license a couple weeks ago, which also comes with a free Nexus One phone. When I purchased it there was no way to say where I wanted it shipped to so I e-mailed them asking to ship it to my home address here in San Francisco. It just so happens Unity’s US office is here in San Francisco too. Guess where the phone went – Redding. My mom ended up having to forward it to me but it finally arrived this week. Thanks, Mom.

Buuuuut, it was broken.

Broken! Not physically, but software-ically or hardware-ically. When booting up the phone it would perpetually shut off and restart. No good. I called HTC and they’re sending me a replacement, but that wasn’t smooth either. The guy at HTC had to ask for the same serial number, phone number and e-mail 4 times, and each time he’d repeat the info back to me a couple of the numbers or letters would be reversed. I was on the phone for 30 minutes. And then I had to call back because I realized my shipping address was still wrong.

I’m crossing my fingers for the replacement to actually make it here.

As for the couple cool things that happened this week – Tim Schafer tweeted about playing “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Long Game Titles” and said he actually liked it. And then Adam Atomic gave a spot on rundown of the game on his site. If I ever meet Adam I’ll totally give him a high five.