Play Lame Castle

So, we made a game called Lame Castle. It took just over 2 months from start until being published in the android market. I’m sort of doing a soft launch in the android marketplace before submitting to apple.

I’m planning to do several updates once it’s in the app store.  There’s some sweet content that’ll go in such as a couple more interactive environment pieces, a new castle, at least 1 more challenge game mode, and it still needs online leader-boards. Those will be huge, like dude huge.

All in all I’m UBER happy with the way Lame Castle turned out.  The game looks great and is super fun.  I keep finding myself playing to beat my high scores.  Can’t wait to get some sort of challenge-your-friends mode in there.  I’ll try and use OpenFeint if they ever fix the integration with Unity.

What are you waiting for? Go play it!

Lame Castle
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
Official Release Date: Android & Web – 10/27/2010, iphone TBA