My friend Toom and I recently discovered Mama & Son: Clean House on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. It’s way better than anyone knows, and the world needs to hear about it.

Website: Mama & Son

The game has 2 protagonists: Mama and her Son (obviously).  The antagonists?  A bunch of robot kangaroo-bunnies that pop out of various portals on each level.  The story mode will probably take you several tries to get through, but once you’re good enough you can cruise through it in maybe half an hour or 45 minutes.

What really grabbed us though was the design of the game.  It’s quite brilliant, really.  As the son you have a machine gun.  You shoot things, lots of things.  When your ammo is almost out your bullets become uber bullets and will mow through anything in front of you.  If son is hit by an enemy he temporarily goes down hard, but once he pops back up an explosion goes off and annihilates anything in close proximity.  If you time the explosions properly you will clear out huge mobs of the menacing robots and make room for mama to run around.

Mama’s duty is to clean up after her son so she’s equipped with a broom and a rag.  She can sweep up ammo shells and robot parts into bins and once a bin is full then an ammo pickup will spawn which will let the son keep shooting things.  Mama’s rag is for cleaning up the explosion marks left on walls after a robot is destroyed.  Cleaning up the marks can result in huge scores so if you plan wisely and stack the explosions you’ll be able to beat Joel N’s score.  The game’s over when mama’s loses all of her health.

The game’s beauty lies in the interaction between the two players.  The son shoots things, mama cleans up and supplies the ammo.  When time’s are tough and you start getting mobbed by enemies you really have to communicate back and forth as far as when you need ammo and when you’re going to kamikaze.

I know the theme sounds a little off, but you’ve gotta trust me, the fun’s definitely there.

The best time we had playing the game was attempting to beat Joel N’s “score” of 30,000 on survival mode.  He’s one of the developers behind this beauty.  Let’s just say topping 30k is very tough and requires plenty of mad hops by Mama and some well timed kamikazes on the son’s part.

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If you’re into cool indie games, especially co-op experiences, then check out Mama & Son: Clean House.  It may look like an average indie title at first glance, but after hunting robot-kangaroos with a friend I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a stellar title.