As of a little over a month now Kongregate, our favorite site for browser gaming, is now accepting Unity games. They’re also throwing a contest with cash-money prizes. Lame Castle has been entered and is on the brink of making it to round 2. Your vote can help it get there.

Lame Castle On Kongregate (Link)

Not only does this open a world of games up for you gamers, but it also let’s us developers get more exposure for our games. Any decent game will get a few thousand plays within the first couple days of release, and if it’s highly rated it will be featured in the Hot New Games section and proceed to get tens of thousands of plays. If it gets into the top rated games section it can be played millions of times. The more plays a game gets the more advertising revenue the developer receives. And the more eyeballs the game has on it the more potential the person attached to them will see and buy the mobile version of the game. It’s a win-win situation if you’re already making web builds of your Unity games. Good games will drive revenue to the developer, which in turn will allow them to create even more good games for all of us to play. It’s a win-win situation.

There’s always the possibility your game will be passed over and only generate a few hundred plays, but at least the door’s been opened and the potential is there.