I can finally tell everyone what I’ve been working on, it’s called Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! (SSKA) and it’s upping the ante on auto-runners. Instead of playing as the gun toting Sam you’ll get to take on the role of a band of bomb-wielding headless kamikazes intent on ruining Sam’s day. You’ll get to blow up a lot of everything, and you’ll get to blow yourself up too, or until your mobile device runs out of batteries.

SSKA is proud to be a part of the totally rad Serious Sam indie series. It’s rad not only because it’s a Serious Sam game, but because the publisher Devolver Digital is doing what (as far as I know) no one’s done before, which is to have 3 indie teams make games in their own style to help promote the release of a bigger title. The other 2 games in the indie series are being made by Mommy’s Best Games (XBLIG genius who made Weapon of choice, Shoot 1 Up, Explosionade) and Vlambeer (IGF finalist rock stars who made Super Crate Box).

I’m stoked to be a part of this promotion. I’m stoked to be working alongside these guys. And I’m stoked to have the chance to see YOU play SSKA at the Devolver Digital booth at PAX east 2011 this weekend. Be sure to stop by to say hi, play the game, and maybe have your picture taken while yelling AAAAHHHHHH!!!!