These last 2 months have been slooooow for game development updates. I haven’t been able to concentrate or do much work. Part of that’s because I’ve been traveling quite a bit. We spent a week in Hawaii for my friend’s wedding, my mom and I went to Montana / Idaho / Wyoming for Zephyr Adventure‘s beer tour, and then my family rented a house in Morro Bay for 4 days.

But now Be-Rad’s back and I’m fired up. It feels good to get back into the captain’s chair and get some work done.

I’m just about done with an update to WG. I’ve added an endless mode, fixed quite a few bugs, and added a few polish items (Character portraits shake when taking damage, screen shake for when the player is hit).

Lame Castle was rejected from the Mac App store due to an issue with Unity. Unity’s already released a fix so I’ll be resubmitting it soon.

Then after that I’ll be doing a quick series of games. I might name them as a series so that they can easily be searched for. Kind of like what Gaijin Games did with the Bit.Trip series.

Here’s to the future 🙂