My new game, “A Spire To The Gods” has been entered into the IGF. There are over 600 IGF Games this year, so good luck going through ALL of them.

A Spire To The Gods is a tile-based dungeon crawler with Minesweeper elements. It’s basically a mix between Diablo and Minesweeper. You tap on tiles to reveal what’s underneath which could be Lots of Loot (LOL), an enemy, a nasty trap, or your final destination.

The game is currently scheduled to release on Google Play before the end of the year, and will come to iOS, PC, and Mac shortly thereafter.

Here is a screenshot from the alpha build. Enjoy!

IGF Games - A Spire To The Gods

IGF Game – A Spire To The Gods

The IGF has completely changed over the last couple years. Back in the day there would be a few polished games here and there, but now it’s staggering how many games have been in development for 2+ years. It’s really exciting how indie games have grown in popularity.