Below you’ll find my Samsung Apps sales figures.

I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth with a representative from Samsung about how they could offer 100% revenue for my apps in their 100% indie initiative, and about how great their store is. Turns out this was a huge waste of time and energy. Even after I had been working with one of their reps I had 2 other reps contact me about getting my apps on their store. Do these guys not talk to each other?

I wound up making specific builds for 3 of my games.

Uploading builds to the website was a disaster. The interface didn’t have any feedback on the status of your upload. Several times the upload stalled or was slow or who knows what happened so I’d have to go through the whole process again, which included filling out all the app info.

WarGames: WOPR eventually made it onto the store.

Lame Castle was rejected during the review process because pressing the back button on the phone brought up a “do you want to quit” screen instead of just quitting the application.

I didn’t even take the time to submit Elf Punt.

The game went on Sale in December 2013 and Samsung even issued a press release about the launch.

Sales Figures!

Samsung Apps Sales Figures

Zero. Zilch. Nada. What a waste of time. There was 1 sale and it was returned a day or two later. My friend Dave made a joke that they bought the game to crack it and then returned it. That would be hilarious if it were the case.

Going through this process I learned a little bit about a different app store and what it can offer. I’m guessing if your app is featured in their store you’ll get a bit of money but not much.

I only wish I could get the time back that I wasted on making all these builds and dealing with their confusingly clunky website.