I recently released two augmented reality camera effects onto Google Play. These effects work in tandem with the camera app on the newer Sony Xperia phones and tablets.

The Sony camera has built in functionality to detect surfaces (like table tops) and up to 5 faces (YOUR beautiful face!). This lets me, the app maker, move characters around on your screen so they look like they’re walking on your table. The face detection lets me put helmets, masks, and even animated objects on your head. When you take a picture it looks like you’re wearing an orc helmet, or even have an orc head!

The first release is called Orcs and features several orcs running around on your tabletop.

Orcs Google Play Link

orcs augmented reality effect

Just a couple of normal dudes


The second release is called Kittens and features several cute little kittens.

Kittens Google Play Link

kittens ar effect

Tiny kittens on my table? No Way!


It’s pretty fun working on smaller projects like this. Now that I have a few basic augmented reality effects done I can iterate and do more interesting effects in the future. It would be cool to make an AR game at some point, let you breathe fire, etc.

If you have cool ideas feel free to let me know via Twitter or in the comments.