Robot Unicorn Attack Coming To Android

Today, If you search for Robot Unicorn Attack in the Android Market you'll find no trace of the game. Instead, the top result is usually Lame Castle. Come tomorrow RUA will have been released so you'll get the real game for your top result. Lame Castle sales trickle in at a rate of anywhere between 1-8 every day. Usually averaging 2-3. I have no way [...]

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App Store Versus Android Market

As far as Lame Castle goes the app store is proving to be way way better in terms of exposure and sales compared to the Android market. LC isn't doing record breaking sales, but the first 3.5 days have seen roughly 350 downloads compared to just under 300 for Android (minus returns) during a much longer time period. Apple has a bigger market share and [...]

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Secret Codes

Seriously, who doesn’t like secrets?  It’s human nature to delve into the depths of secrecy and then at the same time want to share everything with everyone.  It’s a strange feeling.  That’s why I’m such a mixed bag of emotions right now… Because of this! See, it’s a secret code, but I want to share it with everyone.  What am I supposed to do? [...]

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Announcing Lame Castle

So, we made a game called Lame Castle. It took just over 2 months from start until being published in the android market. I'm sort of doing a soft launch in the android marketplace before submitting to apple. I'm planning to do several updates once it's in the app store.  There's some sweet content that'll go in such as a couple more interactive [...]

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