BMV is now free

Lame Castle: Be My Valentine is now free for a limited time. Destructoid featured it as the free app of the day so hurry on over and download it on your iDevice.

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Free Lame Castle Music

The sweet music of Lame Castle is now available for free, right here, right now. It was made by Alex Vaughan who also did all the sounds for the game. During development of Lame Castle I had to listen to this song over and over and ooooooover again and I must say I never grew tired of it. That means it's great. The Speed Of [...]

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Castle of Elite

Castle of Elite is a platform puzzle game made by Daniel Remar.  The controls use both the keyboard and mouse simultaneously and it works great.  The character is controlled by the keyboard and the mouse is used to place/destroy blocks.  There are a limited # of blocks you can pick up.  Once you have placed/destroyed a block you can't get it back.  It's like it went into [...]

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