Castle of Elite is a platform puzzle game made by Daniel Remar.  The controls use both the keyboard and mouse simultaneously and it works great.  The character is controlled by the keyboard and the mouse is used to place/destroy blocks.  There are a limited # of blocks you can pick up.  Once you have placed/destroyed a block you can’t get it back.  It’s like it went into a black hole or was thrown into a pool of magma (you don’t stand a good chance of getting a block back after it flies into a black hole or is swallowed up by magma).

The goal of the game is to pick up all the coins on the screen and make it to the exit door/portal/rip in the space time continuum (take your pick).  There are over 50 brain teasing levels to work that gray lump in your head.  They start as tutorial levels and progressively become more difficult.

The game is free too, can’t kick that in the face.

Game: Castle of Elite
Cost: $Zero$
Genre: Platform puzzler
Difficulty: Mild brain tickles to wall punching goodness
Website + Download: Remar