hazel-1-21-08.jpg (The “new” look)

Some days are the greatest development days and some just aren’t.  Luckily I’ve been having mostly productive days lately.

For some terribly whacked out reason when Dell first sent me my laptop 2.5 years ago I thought it’d be a good idea to darken most of the art files while increasing their contrast quite considerably.  Why would I do that?!?  Because at the time it looked good.  Real good.  The fancy new LCD screen on my portable dev station looked so vibrant, especially when displaying the beautiful backgrounds in The Hazel Chronicles.

I was wrong, really wrong – sorry Sean (He’s the artist).

Looking back I can see why I’d think tweaking the contrast would look good, but it just mucked the screen up.  The screen was too busy, kinda like the new Rez on XBLA or the newest version of Geometry wars.  It really detracts from gameplay.

Lesson learned, trust the artist.