The wonderful end of the world is Katamari Damacy hyped up on gamer fuel, or some other caffeine based beverage equivalent.  Essentially you run around touching and bumping into objects.  Small objects stick to your body and make your character grow in size.  The bigger you get, the bigger the junk you can pick up.

This game is a little whacked out.  It feels like one of those crazy Japanese games, but it’s not (well, sorta not really) (Is a clone of a crazy Japanese game a crazy Japanese game itself?).  It’s made by Dejobaan games of eastern Massachusetts.  And you know how we here at Be-Rad Entertainment feel about crazy Japanese games?  We like ’em.  And by we I mean me.

If you decide to try this game please play through the second level, it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’ve done some retro gaming in your day.

I have a strong urge to play pac man now, hmmmm…

Game: The wonderful end of the world
Genre: Katamari Damacy pick-em-up
Website: Dejobaan Games