IGF 2015 Entries

The IGF 2015 Entries have been posted. This is the Independent Games Festival, which is basically a giant list of (most of) the best indie games recently released or soon to be released. My game, A Spire To The Gods, is listed on the front page because the judges thought it was so awesome. Just kidding! It's alphabetical. It would be nice if the web page had [...]

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A Spire To The Gods & IGF Games

My new game, "A Spire To The Gods" has been entered into the IGF. There are over 600 IGF Games this year, so good luck going through ALL of them. A Spire To The Gods is a tile-based dungeon crawler with Minesweeper elements. It's basically a mix between Diablo and Minesweeper. You tap on tiles to reveal what's underneath which could be Lots of Loot [...]

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