Omega Jam

The Omega Jam consists of a group of indie game developers getting together to push hard on individual milestones in a shared work environment. We started on January 21, 2014 and have the space until February 21, 2014. It originated with 6 teams of 1-3 people each. Check out for game info, live streams of our work, and more. What's amazing is we found a space [...]

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Smaller Games

Since leaving my full time job to go out on my own I’ve learned quite a bit about game development, being my own boss, working really weird hours, and trying to stay sane. Topic #1: Smaller games The smaller iphone/android/web games I’m developing now are a great break from what I’ve been working on. Sure, they’re not gigantic AAA titles that will have millions of [...]

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Wild Pockets Game Jam 2010

A short while ago we partook in the Wild Pockets bay area game jam.  It's a 24 hour competition where you get a team of up to 5 people and make a game as fast as possible.  Our team was able to make 2 games which worked out quite well since we were able to share assets and scripts, effectively letting us work at a [...]

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