Plasma Warrior

Plasma warrior is a shout out to the original (amazing) Metroid for the NES.  First and foremost we can say not many games can stand up to the early beauties the Metroid games were (and still are) so mimicking it in any way is an attempt at trying to defeat a God.  PW doesn't defeat the almighty, but it's still a decent break from your daily activity. [...]

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Planet Damios

Planet Damios is a platforming action puzzler very similar to the original metroid for the NES.  You start the game in what appears to be a prison cell and you must roam around the world trying to find whatever it is you're supposed to find.  *Spoiler* There's no story.  *Spoiler* Sheep are running around trying to kill you, wtf?  The graphics were taken straight out of 3rd grade [...]

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