Planet Damios is a platforming action puzzler very similar to the original metroid for the NES. 

You start the game in what appears to be a prison cell and you must roam around the world trying to find whatever it is you’re supposed to find.  *Spoiler* There’s no story.  *Spoiler* Sheep are running around trying to kill you, wtf?  The graphics were taken straight out of 3rd grade art class, but they do the job for the scope of the game.  It’s all about the simple retro gameplay.  You find a gun, shoot things, move boxes to solve a couple pretty clever puzzles and freely roam around the world trying to find, do, or shoot whatever the game wants you to do. 

I’m posting this game because it hit home with me.  The game I’ve been working on will have similar gameplay.  The action-adventure-puzzling of Planet Damios was inspiration enough to keep me focused on making The Hazel Chronicles a great game.  Thanks Lukasz.

Game: Planet Damios
Developer: Lukasz Serafin
Website: Go here (Free full game and source code)