Bud Redhead is a collect-all-the-fruit-you-can sidescroller.  The graphics are pleasant and everything is well polished, which is such a relief from the hordes of indie games out there with poor UI, bad controls and even worse gameplay.

The only problem with Bud is that it’s pretty basic.  You just collect trinkets to increase some number that doesn’t mean much (that’s your score, dude) and there aren’t any mind bending puzzles (at least from what I ran into).  Using the keyboard to jump on top of an enemy’s head is difficult, and not having many chances to refill your health will make the all veins pop out of your forehead.

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One really cool aspect about B. Redhead is it was developed by a husband-wife team.  Hopefully they didn’t get sick of each other working so closely.  Let’s wish them well by buying their game *wink*.

Game: Bud Redhead
Developer: Space Ewe
Website: Go here (Demo)