Be-Rad Music

You can now listen to some of the Be-Rad music tracks on SoundCloud and BandCamp. The BandCamp link currently only has the WarGames: WOPR tracks and they're available to download if you pay at least $2. The SoundCloud page has the WarGames music, the Lame Castle theme, and a couple tracks I made a looooong time ago for a prototype and tetris clone that I [...]

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Free Lame Castle Music

The sweet music of Lame Castle is now available for free, right here, right now. It was made by Alex Vaughan who also did all the sounds for the game. During development of Lame Castle I had to listen to this song over and over and ooooooover again and I must say I never grew tired of it. That means it's great. The Speed Of [...]

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Castle Crashers Tunes

The music from the recently released Xbox live arcade game Castle Crashers has been released for download (I just bought a 360 last night so I could play this game, among many other games). Play it, love it, get annoyed by all the shrubbery obstructing your view.  It's well worth the money. Get the tunes Here.

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