You can now listen to some of the Be-Rad music tracks on SoundCloud and BandCamp. The BandCamp link currently only has the WarGames: WOPR tracks and they’re available to download if you pay at least $2.

The SoundCloud page has the WarGames music, the Lame Castle theme, and a couple tracks I made a looooong time ago for a prototype and tetris clone that I was working on. I was using Mod Tracker back in the day, but recently was turned on to Renoise by my buddy Ian at MagicalTimeBean (who I’ve been calling Red Mage due to his choice in clothing). Apparently Renoise has a slightly different way of storing wav data so the songs sounded super broken when they first loaded up. The two songs I fixed are now up on SoundCloud.

The music from WarGames: WOPR is up there too, but it’s the unedited file straight from the game so they start up and end a bit abruptly. I’m still hoping the musician will make updated tracks, but it probably won’t happen at this point.

I’m currently toying around with making more music so I’ll post those as they’re finished.

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