I recently added proximity mines to AnonA. Check out the dev video here:

Proximity mines are used to defend you and your base from any threats you might come across on distant worlds.

It’s possible to deploy a mine in any direction by swiping across the button in the lower left corner of the screen.

El Button

El Button

Alternatively, you can tap the button to deploy a mine directly in front of you.

You won’t start the game with proximity mines so you’ll need to acquire the technology.

If you watched the video you’ll notice that yellow cylinders represent the enemies for now.

Don’t worry, that will change. Also, proximity mines won’t look like green octahedrons.

Proximity Mine Debug View

A proximity mine in debug view

A proximity mine has two triggers which are indicated by the spherical green outlines in the image above. These will be invisible to the player in the final game.

The larger sphere detects enemies. If an enemy comes within this range the proximity mine will move towards the enemy.

The smaller green sphere is the explosion trigger. When this trigger collides with an enemy the mine will explode and damage them.

I imagine the functionality of proximity mines will slightly change over the course of the game’s development, but the end functionality should be close to what you see here.

Originally I wasn’t planning to have enemies in the game, but with the story and universe of AnonA (more details to come) it’s slightly more essential. Plus, the additional thrill of having threats adds to the fun factor. So, where there are enemies there will be weapons – hence the proximity mines.