Zan-Zan’s at it again in the second installment of the short series.  This game’s short, really short.  That’s not bad if you’re looking to spend a quick 20-30 minutes collecting mushrooms.  It’s a decent, tiny platformer with simple controls, left-right arrow keys to move, space bar to jump and advance the text.

Like the previous paragraph said before, your task is to collect mushrooms to advance.  It’s not a difficult chore, nor is it a bore, and it leaves you wanting more because it’s oh so shorrrrr-t.  That’s poetry!

This game has a duo of mighty terrible features (or lack of features): no help screen detailing the controls, and if you press f2 or f3 (it’s one of those f# keys) the game restarts.  Now it’s not like you’ve spent 80 hours on an epic RPG and your game suddenly disappears, but if I spend 10 minutes working my way through a level I’d like to be able to restart from where I left off.

Look for Zan-Zan episode 3 in the near future.

Game: Zan-Zan: Episode Two, The Re-Hattening
Developer: Ben
Website: Go here (Freeware)