Rock legend is a sim game where you are put into the shoes of a band leader.  You start out with just a few dollars and five years worth of time.  Your mission?  To create the ultimate band.

Each turn (1 game day) you have several things you can do to work on becoming the next David Bowie.  You can hire band members, write songs, buy gear, book a gig, hand out flyers, or just relax by going to the pub.  Drinking at the pub for a full day?  These guys are alcoholics.  Anyone wanna start a band?

The game is well presented, but it gives off a creepy feeling of emptiness.  And I’m not referring to the gameplay.  It’s the same empty feeling you get when looking into the eyes of a CG character.  The game uses poser models so that might have something to do with it.

Rock legend is well made and is worth a try, especially if you like sims.  Cliffsky’s next game (Democracy 2) might be better and it’s just around the corner.

Game: Rock Legend
Genre: Rock band simulator
Developer: Positech
Website: Go here (Demo)