heaven2ocean.jpg (Click me to see the full size version)

Heaven 2 Ocean is a sidescrolling (side-tilting?) platformer with light puzzle elements.  It’s veeeery similar to LocoRoco for the PSP.  The controls are simple, just move the mouse left and right to tilt the screen.  Why would you want to tilt the screen you ask?  To move your cluster of water droplets, that’s why.  Your goal is to make sure some of the heavenly water makes it into the oceanly drain at the end of the level.

It’s a short demo at around 10 minutes, but it’s about right considering the gameplay isn’t too varied.  At one point your liquid mass gets blow-torched and turns into vapor for a short while.  There was another point where an air conditioner looked like it might be able to freeze the H2O, but sadly it didn’t.  We can all hope the developers will add a few more features and tighten up the graphics on level 4 (oh I hope someone gets that) because Heaven 2 Ocean could be a nice little gem.

There’s also an option to load what looks like additional level.  It’s unknown at this time whether they’re going to release a level editor or just post some extra levels online, for you to download, for your pleasure.

Game: Heaven2Ocean
Genre: Platformer-puzzler
Developer: zerO.One
Website:  Here (Demo)