Aquaria is finally coming.  A demo will be released along with the full game via download from bit-blot on December 7th.  It’s $30, yikes, but they promise there will be about 20 hours of content so that’s pretty good bang for your buck.  The download is a hefty 200MB but they’re claiming it’s due to all the art in the game.  Let’s hope everything looks as good as the concept art displayed above.

In case you haven’t heard anything about it, Aquaria is an underwater sidescrolling fantasy game with beautiful graphics.  The gameplay is non-linear so you can swim around and cast spells wherever you want.  It’s a mouse controlled game so all those people with only 1 hand will have no trouble playing.

Aquaria was the grand prize winner of the 2007 independent games festival (AKA the igf) so people have had their eye on this game for some time now.  Let’s hope it delivers some juicy indie game goodness.

Game: Aquaria
Developer: Bit Blot
Website:  Here (Demo coming Dec. 7, 2007)