It’s one thing when you’re able to draw on your computer screen using crayons, but to make a physics game out of it, wah woo wee woo.  Like many physics games out there you’re in control of a ball.  In this case it’s a crayon circle.  Your goal is to pick up all the stars on the screen by moving your ball over them.  There’s a catch, you can only manipulate your ball by drawing rectangles on the screen.  Once you draw a rectangle it turns into a physical object and gravity takes over.  If you draw your cubes in the right spots and you get your ball to move you may just complete some levels.

The deluxe version of Crayon Physics is a finalist in the 2008 independent games festival.  If you go to their website you can currently download the original version of the game.  Until the deluxe version is available for download you’ll just have to hold on to your panties and hone your skills with the basic version.

Game: Crayon Physics
Developer: Kloonigames