Synaesthete is an IGF finalist in the “excellence in visual art category.”  It’s a spawn from the digipen institute of technology.  The game is a hybrid rhythm and action game.  You move your character from room to room while fighting baddies.  The way you deal damage is by hitting j, k and l on the keyboard in time with the corresponding notes flying down the screen.

Before playing it I did not know it was already nominated for its “excellent visual style”, but when playing it I thought it was a little over the top, a few too many things happening on screen, you know, a little too busy.  Especially considering the fact that you have to pay attention to the rhythm portion of the game, which makes it pretty difficult to see what’s happening in the actual game world.  The truth to the matter is Synaesthete is full of pretty effects and brings a refreshing twist to the rhythm game genre.  Overall it’s worth checking out, but after three levels I couldn’t handle it anymore.

synaesthetetext.jpg (busy-ness)

Game: Synaesthete
Genre: Rhythm/Action mix
Developer: Rolling without slipping (I’m pretty sure)
Website: Here (demo)