The humpsters is a 2d physics based fighting game.  The only thing you have to control during a fight is your laughter.  It’s comical, like a pigeon pooping on someone else’s cat.

Anywho, the object of the game is to build your monster by dragging and placing limbs onto your monster’s body, er head.  Same thing?  Well, for all intents and purposes, yes.  After you’ve created your humpster you get into the ring.  Grab a beer (or juice if you’re not of age) before starting ’cause you just need to sit back and watch.  Once the match starts each monster’s limbs twirl around and fling them randomly around the screen.  If your limbs hit your enemy you deal damage.  If you win the fight you also win their limbs, which you can then proceed to attach to your own little frankenstein.  Oh little frankenstein, you’re so cute and cuddly.

It’s great for a few rounds, but it’s an experimental game, AKA very short.  It’s also made by the guy who did crayon physics.

Game: Humpsters
Developer: Kloonigames
Website: Here