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Aveyond 2 is a top-down RPG reminiscent of the old style SNES games.  To answer your question – RPG stands for Role Playing Game, not rocket propelled grenade, thank you.  But after loading up the game for the first time I thought I had been hit by the latter, died, and gone to heaven.  Aveyond is smooth as silk and gets you into the game with an amiable tutorial.  This experience was much different than when I loaded up the first Aveyond.  It was choppy, smelled like cabbage and didn’t play well with others.  Its sequel is definitely on the right set of tracks this time.

Inside the game the colors are pretty and the world feels full of life – except for whoever is looping the wind instrument.  Tell Amaranth there needs to be an option to have the flute play some other melodies, or maybe replace it with an instrument like a trombone, or a hobbit.

Where were we?  Right, the engine.  Aveyond uses RPG maker XP.  Even though the game is made using a pre-existing engine it sure does a superb job of getting you to think it would be easy to make your own RPG.  It’s the opposite feeling you get when watching a yo-yo champion, that just looks way too challenging.

Game: Aveyond 2
Developer: Amaranth Games
Download the demo here.