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Democracy 2 is the sequal to the 2005 wallet acclaimed title of the same name (minus the digit, of course).  The game is a political sim putting you in the shoes of the leader of a fictitious country.  Your job is to keep the country balanced, running, and not blown up by terrorists.  To do this you must make important decisions each and every single day such as choosing whether or not to lift a ban on whale hunting.

Almost every day a new problem requiring your immediate attention will arise.  Before making a decision to “fix” the issues you will be presented with text arguments explaining both sides.  Luckily the text is quite enjoyable to read so it doesn’t feel like too much of a chore.

If you don’t like political sims it’s almost worth it to load up the game and listen to the music.  It’s so fitting for a political game.  The buttons could use some visual love, and the mouse was immediately noticable because it didn’t use my computer’s mouse acceleration speed so I was left with a slothy mouse.

But don’t let a slothy mouse scare you away, unless it happens to be a zombie slothy mouse.  Those’ll getcha every time.

Game: Democracy 2
Developer: Positech Games
Site de web: Here