There has been a serious lacking of posts recently.  2 reasons:

1.  I went to Vegas last weekend with my family.  We saw Love (the Cirque Du Soleil / Beatles tribute show), and the Blue Man Group.  Both were fantastic, but love comes out on top because it’s absolutely amazing, and it has Beatles music.  If I were a 16 year old girl my undergarments would have been thrown on stage.  Classy.

2.  My car was stolen.  Yes, my one and only, my whip, my baby.  Taken from me sometime while I was in a smoky casino.  All is not lost though.  The police called me this morning soon after they found it.  There were only a few minor setbacks such as having a busted window (it definitely rained last night), my Sirius satellite radio was missing, two binders full of CDs were gone, as well as my phone charger, fast trak and a hands-free phone device.  I picked up the car this morning and immediately took it to get the window fixed.  Now it’s almost as good as new, minus a cracked steering column.

But overall my week’s been pretty good because I didn’t have to drive down to work at all, and Vegas was fun.  It was my mom’s birthday so it was great to hang out with her.

Hope your car’s safely parked wherever it is.

Let the gaming posts resume!