Jasper’s Journeys is a sidescrolling 2d platformer with cute graphics.  This bunny is really well polished, smooth, and shiny.  Nice use of colors, guys.  Your goal is to collect gems for money, fruit for weapon ammo and gold orbs because they’re golden orbs.  There are also several types of powerups you can get throughout the game.  But the powerups seem to disappear when switching levels, that get a frowny face 🙁

There are a few kinks that will hopefully get ironed out in a later build, but overall it’s solid.  Here is the feedback I submitted:

Some feedback:
1. It’s disappointing to lose upgrades after finishing a level.
2. Picking up enemy loot is a bit frunstrating since they’re small and disappear quickly.
3. Main character is slightly hard to control. Less inertia would be nice.
4. Add more music, or a more pronounced constant ambient sound.
5. More save points, free save option. Maybe auto-save when transitioning levels and going through doors.

With a few small tweaks this game is sure to be a butt kicker.  Hope it does lexaloffle well!

Game: Jasper’s Journeys
Genre: 2d sidescrolling platformer yummy goodness
Game Website: Lexaloffle