C’mon people, stop posting so many comments.  The Internet tubes might burst from all this commenting.  I kid, I kid.  In reality there are hardly any comments because no one’s reading this site (Note to self: maybe I should update it more than once a month).  Why do I tell you?  Because at this point it doesn’t matter too much.  Come six months it will matter.  I’m at the bottom and the only place to go is up.  It’s exciting.

I read an article on MSN today that really hit home.  It lists and explains 5 things happy people have in common.  This moved me because we’ve been working towards our alpha deadline at my day job and so many people are just straight up burnt out and unhappy.  That’s not good for business, health, or pleasure.  WTF?  I ask you.

Read the article here

Huh, they surveyed a bunch of chicks for this article – what about those of us that are manly men?  Well, uh, just don’t worry about that for now.  The article works for any and all of us.

So… basically what it boils down to is you can be happy if you want to.  It just takes a little self awareness and effort.  If you’re happy then chances are you’ll brighten the days of everyone around you.  Then the whole world will be a better place where deer and bunnies will dance together in the streets.  And the squirrels will have plenty of nuts for winter.

And everyone will play 2d platformers.