First of all, E3 was pretty fun in all of its madness and glory. I usually have a much better time seeing old friends and meeting new people and this year was no exception. The games are cool to check out (especially Dark Souls) but it’s all about the people. Every year I say I don’t need to go back, but I somehow get talked into heading down there.

A while back I talked a little about my Android sales. Robot Unicorn Attack was just about to be released on the Android platform and I was excited to see if it would affect Lame Castle. Well, it didn’t. Either that or I just don’t sell enough in the first place to have really seen a difference. It’s still averaging 2-3 sales a day.

BUT, I do have a few exciting things to announce. I recently got my hands on a (an?) Xperia Play and am optimizing Lame Castle for the phone. I’m hoping to get a bit of press about Lame Castle coming to a Sony device for this reason. I should have an optimized and updated version of Lame Castle coming soon.

I’m also going to put out an HD version for iOS. Still haven’t decided if I should make a separate HD version for Android or not, but I’m leaning towards just keeping the one version and setting it to work on larger screens.