What I’ve been doing the last few weeks:

  • Checking sales stats for Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!
  • Trying to find motivation to make a demo for SSKA
  • Checking more sales stats for SSKA
  • Saying I’ll finally make a build then I go and check sales stats again.
  • Finally making a demo and posting it on Kongregate
  • Checking more sales stats
  • Getting a free ticket to Unite 11 (Thanks, Ke)
  • Rushing at the last minute to optimize SSKA for the Xperia Play so they can demo it at Unite
  • Slowly dragging my feet to make iOS/Android demo builds
  • Trying to secure my next game project

It’s been tough getting back into the swing of things now that we’re on the tail end of the SSKA media blitz. I’m finally sick of checking stats every 15 minutes, if anyone knows of a good way to prevent one from doing so I’d love to hear it. Turning off the internet isn’t my #1 choice.

As for the next project I’m pretty sure I’ve landed something amazing. The contract has been sent away and it’s looking like a 99.99% sure thing. If it goes through there will definitely be some announcements coming your way.

Also, after I announce my next project I will share sales stats for Lame Castle. I’ve been waiting for a good time to do it and I think sharing stats AFTER my next game’s announcement will generate some exposure for it. And as we know, any exposure is good in the world of video game development.