As I’m getting to the end of my project and wanting to continually push back deadlines so that I can add a “ton of totally sweet content” it’s easy to get sucked into this monitor and forget about the real world. There’s so much out there.

I went to play tennis with a friend today. I don’t even play tennis, but now I want to all the time. The sun felt so good, and my little cave where I’m now writing this just doesn’t feel very inviting. The urge to stay in and work all weekend has been broken and I’ve cancelled a few events I was supposed to go to (sorry guys) so I can visit my family and forget about making games for a few hours.

I’ve tried to avoid crunch since I started Be-Rad and I’ve done a really good job so far. The urge is there because I’m definitely feeling the pressure, but it’s a silly urge and will easily be forgotten in a couple weeks (especially after the game has shipped). Visiting family and friends is worth way more than working a few extra hours. That’s a fact.

So I leave you with some pretty pictures. If you’re feeling stuck inside remember what’s out there. Sometimes it’s hard, but just get out there and experience something besides the pixels on your monitor.

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